Kale Pesto

This recipe is super easy, super fresh, super nutritious and super satisfying! Made with toasted cashews, it’s full of protein and heaps of nutrients from fresh organic kale…. we all know that 😉

I have this distinct memory from childhood where my mom picked me up from the YMCA and for some odd reason, I was intensely craving SPINACH. What kid does that?  I don’t know why that weird memory has stuck with me, but I believe it made me think that my future kids were going to just love and crave greens as much as I did as a kid. Hmm what wishful thinking, right?

Well obviously that’s NOT the case 25 years later, but I have to constantly remind myself that I have to keep trying to offer my kid green foods. Some days are better than others and that’s OK if he just wants to eat PBJ. Perhaps when he’s older, he’ll be thrilled to choose greens over junk. I can only dream right?

Surprise, surprise, my 17 month old hasn’t been eating kale lately, he oddly enough he ACTUALLY enjoyed this pesto for dinner. Maybe it was the cheese that took the kaley flavor edge off? Maybe he was so hungry that anything would have sufficed? Who knows, but it was a huge mom win for me and I’ll proudly take it.


Two heaping handfuls of kale

1 cup of cashews, toast in a pan on low-medium heat

1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil

1/4 cup grated Parmesan and Romano cheese

Salt and pepper to taste

Blend it all up on high speed, adding more olive oil if necessary to reach desired consistency.

Toss in with your favorite pasta and add lemon. Pairs well with fish, such as cod or salmon.Freeze the leftover pesto for another day when find yourself reaching for the PBJ.


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